"Why Do You Need A Test Today?"

When it comes to Covid-19 testing, we know the information available is confusing. Here at Wellness For Humanity we want to ensure you get the best test for you. So the first question we ask you when you walk in is, "Why Do You Need A Test?"

Clean, Convenient, & Confident

Why Test with Us?

We LOVE ensuring our clients get the correct test at the right time to ensure you are 100% confident when you leave our facility. So whether you book an appointment because you wish to visit high risk family members, you are traveling internationally, you just returned from an event, you were recently exposed, or you believe you've been feeling "off" the last few days, our staff will talk you through the best option before your appointment begins.

Wellness Concierge At Your Finger Tips

We know that once you hear your results you will have questions or concerns. Wellness For Humanity is a step above the rest with a personalized Wellness Concierge who will walk you through this. Our personalized Wellness Concierge (WC) provides the education we need when it comes to Covid-19 testing and results. When you test with W4H, our WC will sit down with you 1 on 1. Whether you test positive or negative, or learn that you have antibodies or don't- we are here to walk you through what this means to you and your loved ones.

1. Backed By Science. Our Physician Assistants and Medical Director work closely with our WC's to ensure they are up to date with all the latest CDC guidelines and Data.

2. Easy to Understand. Personalized graphs and charts made custom for you to take home to help you better understand results and the tests available.

3. Future Testing Consultant. Our WC is available for you to consult if you needed further testing.

Trusted Travel Test With Timely Results

Traveling inter-island and worried about all the restrictions and if your PCR test will be back in time? Don't worry, this one is one of our specialities. We are well versed on inter-island restrictions and can help guide you for appropriate appointment times to ensure you will meet that countries requirements. Enjoy your trip without the anxiety!

1. RT-PCR Test Available with 24-48 hour or less turn around time with our Certified CLIA Lab, Clinical Labs of Hawaii (on the approved partners list)

2. Saliva (for international travel) or Mid-Nasal (for inter-island) Option Available

3. Expedited Testing! Have a tight deadline? Call us and we can try and work something out personally with our lab partners as we have expedited options available as well.

4. Still Concerned? Feel free to email us your itinerary and we can ensure you get tested in time before your flight.

Corporate Testing & Bi-Weekly Testing

Need to get your employees back to the office, but not sure how to do it safely? We are your back to work testing solution! Our team will come up with customized options and help you and your employees feel at ease as they head back to the office.

1. Access Results Easily and Securely. Results are stored in a HIPPA compliant cloud portal for easy access.

2. Customized Recurring Testing. This preventative testing option is a popular option and ensures you are aware of your teams Covid-19 and health status.

3. Need A Test Now? We can either come to you or send your employee to us to ensure the best test for them, with quick and accurate results.

4. Team Outbreak? Rapid deployment testing teams available in case of an outbreak, rapid (15 minute) results available too!

Please contact danielle.k@w4humanity.com for inquires

Event Testing & Wedding Testing

Have an upcoming event, holiday party, or corporate retreat? There is no need to wait to have a party. Socialize with confidence, now! With many testing options available to make your party a safe, Covid-19 free zone, allow us to help you feel at ease while hosting or attending an event.

1. We can test 10 people or 1000! Our staff is able to come to. you and work through logistics and safety protocols to help you get you have peace of mind before entering the event.

2. Corporate retreat on your mind? With our team available to deploy to anywhere in the country, we can come to you anywhere in the US so you can have a safe, Covid free, event.

Please contact danielle.k@w4humanity.com for inquires

After Hours & Mobile Service

Walk ins & mobile services are available after-hours and Sunday if scheduled 24 hours in advance. We come to you! Please call (808) 379-0003 to book!

Have Not Recieved Your Results?

Please contact us during office hours at (808) 379-0003 or jamie.l@w4humanity.com

After hours? Please call/ text Dr. Oda (808) 647-4500